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Five Chutneys started with a variety of bhajias


Five Chutneys’ culinary team is led by Roshni Vyas and Jagat Vyas, both natives of India, who carry the Indian flavors to Tanzania.

We cook up bright, bold, most pleasing Indian dishes totally unique to Arusha. You won’t find our flavors and colors anywhere else. And we serve it all hot, fresh, and at a price point where you can be a twice or thrice-a-week regular.

You get a taste of India in every bite with our spice-forward flavors.

Our top selling Dabeli
Vegetable samosa
Masala Chai, India's top beverage

It all began in 1995

Five Chutneys’ founder, Jagat Vyas, initially visited Tanzania in 1995 on a work trip and fell in love with the country. How could he not? Tanzania is a lovely country with kind people who are always willing to help. The weather is also always pleasant. He had one huge issue, though: vegetarian food. Because he couldn’t find enough vegetarian options, he had to rely on his Indian friends’ homemade cuisine.

The memory of his struggle for vegetarian food stuck with him. Years later, together with his wife, Roshni Vyas, he founded Five Chutneys, a pure vegetarian restaurant serving delectable Indian dishes using only the finest ingredients. We produce our chutneys, paneer, and mayonnaise in-house to give you India's real, spice-forward taste.

Secret ingrediant to deliciousness, Indian spices
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